22 May 2019


CHQ calls upon all members all over the country to donate liberally to the Odisha Relief fund immediately. Branch Secretaries are requested to collect the same and remit the entire amount to the Current Account opened by our Odisha circle branch for the purpose. The details are available in he Special circular given below.
With Regards,
P Gangadhara Rao, General Secretary


Com. K B Krishna Rao, General Secretary, Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association,Bengaluru, being a member of the SCOVA, received a communication from Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare seeking views and suggestions on DIRECT TAXES to assist the Department in taking a pragmatic view for placing the matter before the Department of Revenue for its use during Budget Formulations relating to Direct taxes.In turn, Com. Krishna Rao sought our opinion on the matter. We have submitted the following suggestion:
Suggestion: Pension being granted to Ex Govt Servants and Family Pension being granted to spouses of Ex Govt Servants should not be taxed.
1.Pension is not salary. Even if it is treated as Salary, it is deferred payment, as observed by the Apex Court. When delayed payment is made as arrears of pay or pension, the whole amount is not accounted for the respective assessment year, based on Form 10E filed by the assessee.
2.Pension of Ex MPs and their spouses is not being taxed on the plea that “it is not salary but income from other sources”. The ‘source’ is nothing but Government Funds. They are paid pension by Government of India from government funds, not by the people who elected them. Family pension is paid to the spouses of deceased MPs and former MPs by Government of India not by the voters. At the same time, sitting MPs, Ex MPs and their spouses are entitled tobenefits at par with central government employees and pensioners in the matter of medical facilities under CGHS etc. While the pension to Ex MPs and family pension to spouses of Ex MPs is not being taxed there is no justification for taxing the pension being granted to Ex Government servants and spouses of Ex Employees who receive pension from the same source of Government funds.
2.Pension is not being taxed in countries like Brazil, Russian federation and Sri Lanka as well as number of states in USA.

8 May 2019

PPO number in the bank passbook

Regarding marking of PPO number in the bank Pass book of Pensioners/Family Pensioners

CPAO letter  

1 May 2019

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All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers-AICPI(IW) for 

March ,2019 increased by TWO points 

and pegged at 309.

24 Apr 2019

Tamilnadu CCA Adalat

PENSION ADALAT will be held on 21-06-2019 in the "Hall of Inspiration, Anna Road Telephone Exchange, DAMS Road, Chennai at 14-00 hours for those who retired from DOT & BSNL Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai Telephones , STR and STP. The Grievances with full details as prescribed in the Proforma along with requisite Documents may be sent to Joint Controller of Communication Accounts, O/o Principal Controller of Communication Accounts, TN Circle, 1st Floor,  TNT Complex, 60 Ethiraj Salai, Chennai -60 00 08 on or before 21-05-2019.

17 Apr 2019


General Body Meeting at Vijayawada on 17-4-2019. Com VM Sarma presided. Com MRS, Com KS Koteswara Rao, Com Vara Prasad, Com K V L, Com KKRN, Com Viswanatham DS WL have spoken. Around 230 members have attended. Issues like Pension Revision, MRS payments, CCA office functioning at Vijayawada, organizational matters have been discussed.

10 Apr 2019

BSNL endorsed IDA order

BSNL CO endorsed APRIL IDA order marked to all CCAs /CPPCs. 

April IDA Order