30 Jan 2019


Committee of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners’ Associations met in a crucial meeting at Delhi on 29/01/2019 to review the status of our demand of Revision of Pension in BSNL and MTNL with Seventh CPC fitment and chalk out further courses of action thereto.
Com. Gangadhara Rao, Convenor presided over the meeting. The following members representing the various constituents have attended the meeting:
S/Shri Rajendra Prasad, Prahlad Rai, Kisan Singh, Anupam Kaul, M.K.Bagchi, S.S.Nanda, R.K.Mudgal, K.Jawahar, Badri Pathak, J.S.Yadav, Kishor Haldankar,and R.P.Sharma.
At the outset, Convenor thanked all members for attending this meeting with short notice. He recalled that the first meeting of CBMPA was held on 21/11/2018 in Delhi. Within this short intervening period there have been lots of developments and hectic persuasions at various levels. But still we have miles to go to reach the goal, thanks to the reluctant and negative attitudes of some important officers in DOT.
All members have taken active participation in the discussion. Among various opinions / observations expressed, one point has emerged as common and that is DOT is not alive to the assurance given by MOSC regarding delinking the Revision of Pension from Revision of Pay. It is clearly apparent that even the positive and proactive approach of DOP&PW is blunted by the inept handling of the issue by the concerned officers of DOT.
CBMPA has noted with satisfaction that AUAB and their agitation has highlighted the issue of pension revision among other matters and hoped that they would continue to do so in future.
The important decisions taken in the meeting is appended here below:
Decisions taken in the meeting of CBMPA held at Delhi on 29/1/2019.
1) Convenor and other members will approach the AUAB leaders and request them to strongly persuade with Additional Secretary (T) in the meeting to be held on 30/1/2019 for implementing the Policy Decision taken by MOSC to de-link pension revision from pay revision by resubmitting the file with a concrete and comprehensive proposal to DOP&PW.
2) Convenor has reiterated our earlier decision to contact important political personalities throughout India to take up with the Government of India regarding Pension Revision in BSNL/MTNL with Seventh CPC fitment
3) Post Card campaign to Shri Narendra Modi, Ho’ble Prime Minister from 4/2/2019 to 9/2/2019 by every pensioner of BSNL and MTNL on the issue of revision of Govt Pension in BSNL/MTNL.
4) A Massive Rally shall be organized at Delhi from BSNL Corporate Office to Sanchar Bhawan on 08/02/2019 (Friday) and submit Memorandum to MOSC/Secretary (T).
5) A suitably drafted letter should be addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister highlighting the failure on the part of MOSC in dealing with the Pension Revision case as assured.
6) CBMPA expresses happiness to learn that DOT-BSNL Pensioners’ Association, Kerala has joined as Eighth constituent and has whole-heartedly welcomed this important development at this crucial juncture.
Convener and other members shall meet Secretary (T)/AST and present our case of Pension Revision with 7th CPC fitment and request DOT to send back the file to DOP&PW accordingly at the earliest.
P.Gangadhara Rao, Convener.