31 May 2017

CCA HD has today uploaded 78.2 % pension revision dispatch details on their website. There are 3305 records in Post 2007 file and 5760 records in Pre 2007 file. Thus total of 9065 cases are dispatched so far. ( as on 29-05-2017)

20 May 2017

CCA Hyderabad today uploaded the data of 78.2% revision as on 19-05-2017

Pre-2007 -  78.2 revision status

Post-2017 -  78.2 revision status 

model calculation for 3rd Option (For DOT pensioners)

Please click here to see the File attached to understand the benefit being derived from the new Option given to CDA pensioners, including DOT pensioners. third-option-benefit.pdf

15 May 2017


As all of us know, the Seventh Central Pay Commission had suggested two options for granting parity in pension to senior pensioners retired before 1-1-2006 etc. Orders were issued in August 2016 and the Second Option was implemented. Then existing basic Pension of Central Pensioners (DOT pensioners) was revised by multiplying with 2.57.
The first Option suggested by CPC was not implemented saying it is not feasible . The matter was referred to a Committee of senior officers. Based on the report of the said committee, Cabinet has now approved revision of pension of old pensioners with a THIRD OPTION. It is little better than 2.57 formula. But it is quite unsatisfactory compared to the Option 1 suggested by CPC and rejected by the Government now.
The order dated 12-5-2017 is attached here.  THIRD OPTION FOR DOT PENSIONER

12 May 2017

CCA Hyderabad today uploaded the data of 78.2% revision as on 12-05-2017

Pre-2007 -  78.2 revision status

Post-2017 -  78.2 revision status