28 Feb 2018



27 Feb 2018

From CHQ website - on Pension Revision


About the pension revision in BSNL for the absorbed employees we have clear understanding. Our demand is that our IDA pension should be revised in IDA pattern itself (not CDA pattern) with fitment benefit suggested by VII CPC. But some people are talking about going back to CDA scales. We did not demand it. We know that there is a judgement from Supreme Court of India that all PSUs that came into existence after that judgment in 1989 should follow IDA pattern only. BSNL came into existence in 2000. Hence even if Government or DoT wants to revert back to CDA scales it is not permissible. Perhaps these friends have not seen that judgement.
These friends smell a black cat in the dark room. Afraid, they sit with a stick in their hands.
They have a closed mind. They are blind to truth.
These friends state in their website that DoT pensioners got pension revision in 2006 six years after IDA pension revision in 2000. Was there any pension revision in 2000? No. DoT pensioners got pension revision in 1996. Then they got pension revision in 2006, after ten years and again in 2016 after another ten years. Every DoT pensioner knows it. But these friends do not understand that. We feel pity for their wonderful understanding capacity. With such wrong understanding they approach the government with demands. Bad lawyers will spoil the case.
Some of these leaders were talking that if BSNL Pensioners are given pension revision with effect from 2017 and the BSNL serving staff is not given pay revision there will be anomaly. Now they want pension revision from 2017 delinking from pay revision. Suppose pension is revised and pay is not revised as they hope? Again there will be anomaly. Have they thought of that?
They should open their mind. They should open their eyes. They should light a lamp and see that there is no black cat in the dark room they are sitting.
The demand should be:
Pension should be revised in IDA pattern itself with fitment benefit granted by government to the central service pensioners vide DoP&PW orders issued in August 2016 which state: “these orders are applicable to all pensioners and family pensioners covered under CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972.” It does not talk about CDA pattern or IDA pattern. It talks about CCS Pension Rule 1972 only. BSNL pensioners are also covered by the said rule. So we should get the relief under the said orders of August 2016
BSNL Pensioners are now eligible to Rs 20 lakhs (maximum) as gratuity in IDA pattern itself. That is as per VII CPC report. There was no going back to CDA pattern for that.
So, Dear friends, please do not oppose us for sake of opposition. Let us fight for the present pensioners and future pensioners. DO NOT fight between us. 
Think of your own members.Think of those in service and will be retiring before 2027. They should also get pension revision along with other central government pensioners. Linking with CPC formulae will be the best option.
SO, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Do not confuse yourself again and again.

26 Feb 2018

Lr to CCA on Pending issues.

Pension Adalat was held on 27-10-2017 and minutes have not been issued so far. Large number of issues remained unsolved. Settlement of cases of Sanction of Family Pension requires urgent attention and similarly Sanction of FMA to CDA pensioners. CCA has once again been addressed with a request to intervene suitably for early settlement of all pending issues. District Secretaries are requested to ensure that all those listed in the letter are duly forwarded by SSA with it's recommendations. click here  for letter. 

25 Feb 2018

Next CWC on 16-04-2018 & 17-04-2018 in Chennai

Next Central Working Committee meeting is scheduled on 16-04-2018 and 17-04-2018 in CHENNAI . Click here for Notice


Details between meeting held between Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and All Unions and Associations of BSNL  on 24-02-2018.  Click here: Page -1 Page - 2

We are happy that the AUAB (All Unions and Associations of BSNL staff) had some discussion with Communications Minister yesterday and during the talks they raised the demand for Pension Revision also. The Note released by AUAB after the discussion says: 

“ the representatives of AUAB strongly argued that the pension revision should be done to the BSNL pensioners. It was pointed out that the BSNL pensioners and the Central Government pensioners are covered by same rules.They argued that when pension revision is settled for central Govt pensioners, the same should not be denied to the BSNL pensioners. The Hon’ble Minister assured that needful action would be taken to settle this issue, and directed the Secretary to take necessary action.”
Question is what demand they placed on methodology for pension revision? Some of these leaders were asking fitment formula suggested by PRC.Somebody else wanted CPC formula.Some others did not specify.However, it is a welcome feature that all of them want delinking pension revision from pay revision.
We think of future. What will happen after ten years? By that time all the absorbee members of these Unions will retire from service. They should also get pension revision in 2026 or 2027. Tower Company has already come.Government may not roll it back.What will be fate of BSNL during the next ten years? Will it be possible to look at pay revision in BSNL or Tower Company at that time?
So, reading the writings on the wall, we took a conscious stand and demanded pension revision along with central government pensioners with the same methodology, based on formula suggested by Central Pay Commissions in future. That only will ensure a guaranteed system for pension revision for us, for the members of these service unions in BSNL also.
We shall continue our efforts. 

23 Feb 2018

DOT withdraws its letter dated 21-02-2018

On 21-2-2018 the DOT sent a letter to CMD of BSNL rejecting the demands for Pay Revision and pension Revision.
Today, on 23-2-2018, the DoT has withdrawn that letter. Good.
The Minister for Communications will meet leaders of BSNL staff Unions tomorrow, 24-2-2018.
We congratulate the Staff Unions. United action has compelled the government to come down.
We hope that the Staff Union leaders will tell the honourable Minister that pension revision of BSNL retirees is the sole responsibility of the Government of India and it should not be linked with affordability of BSNL Company. We wish them success.
Such a strong stand by staff unions will help the elders. 
(From CHQ website)

22 Feb 2018


As you know, the Staff Unions earlier demanded Pension Revision in BSNL with the same fitment benefit as being granted to the serving staff without considering the fact that pension has to be revised by the Government and pay has to be revised by BSNL company. Some of them changed their stand later on. Such leaders demanded de-linking pay revision and pension revision. It was a welcome change. But, at the same time they wanted pension revision with 15% fitment benefit proposed by PRC. These leaders have been creating confusion time and again.
Now, when these unions are organising a March to Sanchar Bhavan tomorrow, the DoT has rejected their demands.
Pension Revision:: DoT says that it can be taken up as and when Third PRC Report is implemented in BSNL.
PRC REPORT on Pay Revision: DoT says that as per PRC report BSNL is not covered for the fitment benefits due to heavy loss the company incurs.
Loss: DoT points out the loss as: 
2013-2014: Rs. 7124 crore
2014-2015: Rs. 8843 crore
2015-2016: Rs. 4169 crore
2016-2017: Rs. 4793 crore
We request the respected leaders of Service Unions to fight for their pay Revision and leave the issue of Pension Revision. Our task has become much for difficult now. But, we are determined to continue our efforts vigorously. 
Our Demand is crystal clear. Government should revise our pension independently and delinking from the affordability of BSNL company. DoT should take a decision about Pension Revision. 

(From CHQ Website)

13 Feb 2018


Karnataka Circle conference is held on 11-02-2018 in RTTC Mysore. Comrades P S Ramankutty, D Gopalakrishnan, G Babu, G Natarajan, T S Vittoban,V Ramarao and K  G  Deshpande have partcipated on behalf of CHQ. Com. Varaprasad, CS, ANDHRA also is present. Com P Gangadhara Rao, Com R.Changappa are re-elected as Circle President and Circle Secretary respectively. 

8 Feb 2018


The Chandigarh bench of CAT has ordered on 5-2-02018, that Extra Increment should be reckoned as pay for grant of Pension. Accordingly the Department of Telecom is directed to re-fix pension of those who were not given the benefit of said Ex Increment.


3 Feb 2018

Com. C.Suryanarayana Ex.C.S, NFPTE E - Ill, A.P and veteran Trade union leader expired at 19.00 hrs at 86 on 02.02.2018 in Hyderabad. We pay our respectful homage to the departed leader.