30 Jun 2017

All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (AICPI)for the month of May 2017 is announced formally.

It is 278 points for May 2017.

It was 275 points for March 2017.

It was 277 points for April 2017.

Hence,the rate of IDA from

 July 2017 will be 119%.

IDA  increase is  1.9% 

from the existing 117.1%.

29 Jun 2017


Rate of the Fixed Medical Allowance being granted to central government pensioners is raised from the existing Rs 500 per month to Rs 1000 per month. Five lakh central government pensioners who are not covered by the CGHS shall be benefited by this hike.

With this decision, the benefits from Seventh CPC for central service pensioners are almost given in full.

28 Jun 2017

Cabinet approved # allowances for Central employees :

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Branch Conference at Guntur

Ashok Nagar Branch Conference - Guntur held on 27-6-17. CS , ACS Com Ch Rama Krishna and DS GTR Com G Venkateswara Rao have addressed.Issue of Concessional Telephone Facility to pensioners, delay in settlement of MRS bills , Un helpful attitude of Management towards pensioners at Guntur have been discussed. Com Bhavanarayana, Com Lakshmi Narayana and Com Seetharamaiah have been re-elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  Appeal has been made once again to contribute donations from 78.2 % revision beneficiaries  

CCA HD posted the dispatch details of 78.2 % pension revisions on their website on 27-6-17. 

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26 Jun 2017

District Conference of Vizianagaram on 25-6-17.

District Conference of Vizianagaram is held on 25-6-17 with more than 100 members attended. Circle President Com M.R.S Prakasa Rao ,Circle Secretary Com V.Vara Prasad , Office-bearers of circle from Vishakapatnam Com SVSN Murty, Com S.Ramprasad have addressed the meeting. Leaders of SEWA , NFTE(BSNL) , SNEA have also addressed.  Com Prakasa Rao Secretary and Com Manikyala Rao ACS, and Com Satya Rao Senior leader have spoken.  Com K.Savara Raju, Com T.S.Prakasa Rao and com P,Chittibabu have been elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. This District is first to contribute ₹ 25000 to CHQ and ₹ 10000 to Circle as donations from beneficiaries of 78.2 %  pension revision. Com K Ramesh Wireman (Retd) branch member has given individual donated ₹ 5000 to Circle Association.   We thank all of them for their early response. They are making sincere efforts to approach every member who received arrears for donation. Member ship growth is quite significant which has increased to 315 on date. 

Our Central Working Committee discussed the pros and cons of demanding pension revision with CPC formula and PRC formula. Then, CWC constituted a committee to study the matter in depth.In the next CWC meeting, the committee’s report was discussed in detail. Again, the matter was considered by last AIC.After all these, we took a conscious decision to demand our Pension Revision with fitment benefits suggested by seventh Central Pay Commission.We want a permanent solution.We can not approach the Cabinet every time with memoranda and wait for Cabinet’s decision. We have been making all efforts to achieve our goal. Still, some comrades are confused. Suddenly some of them started alleging that our CHQ is inactive. A kind of propaganda started in Whatsapp. so I explained the position as under:  
First three CPCs did not recommend any Pension Revision. Why? Govt. did not include Pension Revision in their Terms of Reference. Then came the Nakara Case judgement in 1982. Govt. included Pension Revision as an item in Terms of Reference of fourth CPC. It is a practice now. It is Govt decision. It is always a political decision.
Government never asked PRC to consider Pension Revision. Why? There are 243 Central Public Sector Establishments in India. Pension is available only in 168 PSEs. In 75 PSEs there is no Pension system. 167 PSEs out of 168 pay pension from their own funds to their ex employees.
Only in BSNL, pension is paid by Government.  BSNL is in a unique position. So decision about BSNL pension should be unique.BSNL has no role in our Pension revision. BSNL can decided pay revision, with permission of Govt. Once Pay revision is decided, the staff unions will not continue their agitation for us. It is quite natural.
Then we have to agitate for pension revision. It is our battle; Our own battle. We want a permanent decision for periodic pension revision in BSNL. It should be independent of wage revision in BSNL. It should be delinked from financial position of BSNL. We are struggling for that. Some people may feel it is impossible.
We shall continue our efforts with clear understanding of the situation prevailing. No controversy in it. No doubt in it. I AM CONFIDENT THAT WE WILL WIN. …..
P S Ramankutty                                                                                                (From CHQ site)

21 Jun 2017

According to BSNL CO, Number of pensioners retired before 10-6-2013 and Number of cases revised are as follows. It was Circulated on 20-6-2017   

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CMD BSNL writes to Secretary- DOT recommending pay revision with 15 % Fitment benefit seeking that the condition of affordability may not be insisted in case of BSNL

Media report on 3rd PRC pay revision for executives (quotes BSNL & Air-India) - Business Today 21-06-17.  

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19 Jun 2017

CCA HD uploaded 78.2% pension revision settled as on 16-06-2017 .

CS AP and CS TS met Joint CCA HD on 16-06-17. As per Jt. CCA information, 10076 cases have already been revised upto 15-06-17 and the remaining 1581 pensions will be revised by 30-06-17. Revised PPOs received from other circles like STR,T&D thro respective CCAs have already been forwarded to concerned paying authorities. It is understood that still revision work is yet to be completed at TN CCA in respect of STR pensioners.  
We requested for holding of Pension Adalat as early as possible and he promised to take a decision immediately after completion of ongoing pension revisions.

Bifurcation of CCA between AP and Telangana is also likely to take place in near future. 

3 Jun 2017

The third Pay Revision Committee’s report is before the Government now. The PRC permitted wage revision with a condition that the additional expenditure should not cross 20% of Profit Before Tax. With this condition, wage revision in BSNL is very remote. Cabinet Secretary held a meeting recently with Secretaries of various departments. In the said meeting DoT did not demand exemption from the affordability condition for BSNL.
Some of the leaders of BSNL Unions were demanding Pension Revision along with Wage Revision.
They have spoiled the chance of pension revision for BSNL retirees. Meeting of various unions of BSNL staff held today has decided for agitational programmes including strike on 27-7-2017. Again, they have raised the demand of pension revision. As in the past, they will conveniently forget this demand when negotiation takes place. It is a usual game.
BSNL has to revise the wages .BSNL has no authority to revise pension. Government has to take a decision regarding pension revision. Government need not worry about affordability.
We demand Pension Revision, independent of wage revision in BSNL. Pension should be revised delinking it from the profit/loss of BSNL. It should be done based on the Seventh Central Pay Commission Recommendations.
(Extracts from CHQ website)