30 Sept 2020


The All India Consumer Price Index for August 2020 is 338 points.
2 points increase from July 2020.
Based on this, it can be calculated that rate of IDA from October 20 shall be 165.4%
There will be an increase of 5.5%.

28 Sept 2020

MRS Card Validity extended upto 31-03-2021

MRS Validity Card extended upto 31-03-2021 

Copy of the order


LETTER TO CGM AP Circle to extend the last date for submission of options upto 31-12-2020 and to allow the validity of the MRS cards till 31-03-2021.


22 Sept 2020

CHQ to Member (F) DOT on LIfe certificate

CHQ writes to Member (F) DOT for extension of date to 31-12-2020 for submission of Life certificate by Pensioners under SAMPANN

CHQ to Member (F) DOT on LIfe certificate

CHQ to Dir HR BSNL on MRS Option & Validity of Cards

 CHQ writes to Dir HR BSNL for extension of dates for option to 31-12-2020  and validity to 31-03-2021

Lr to Dir HR on MRS

21 Sept 2020

Pending issues to AO % DAP

 AO (Pension) Office of DAP is addressed on pending issues.

Letter to AO O/o DAP

Pending issues to AO % CCA

AO (Pension) Office of CCA is addressed on pending issues. 

Letter to AO CCA

18 Sept 2020

OA No. 100/1329 of 2020 for Pension revision

OA filed by AIBSNLPWA for Pension Revision for BSNL retirees was filed before Hon PBCAT New Delhi . The case is  admitted on 18-09-2020 and is posted to 18-11-2020. Notices issued to respondents.  

OA No. 100/1329 of 2020 for Pension revision

15 Sept 2020




13 Sept 2020

Sri Naini Gopal vs SBI CPPC & others in Bombay High Court (August 2020)

Sri Naini Gopal (aged  85 ) Assistant Foreman Ordinance Factory Bhandara Retired on 01-10-1994 Nagpur  Petitioner

Union of India Ministry of Defence ,  Respondents

The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts

The General Manager SBI CPPC 5th Floor  Premises No T-651 , T-751 ITC Belapur, CBD Belapur Railway Station Complex , Navi Mumbai – 4000614

The General Manager Ordinance Factory Bhandara

High court of Bombay Nagpur Bench

LD-VC-CW-665 of 2020.


In the month of August 2019, the basic pension of the petitioner was reduced from Rs 25634 to Rs 25250 (from 01-01-2016) and CPPC SBI directed recovery of Rs 369035 from the pension payable in instalments of Rs 11400 i.e 1/3 of monthly pension from 01-08-2019.

An amount of Rs 872 was erroneously paid in excess from October 2007 due to technical error.

The stand taken by employer, the competent authority has stated that fixation of pension was correct and proper and supported the claim of the pensioner and intimated that pension at the rate of Rs 26000 has been correctly notified.  

TABLE 14 ( S-13,  GP -4600 , LEVEL -  7 )
2675 8125 19720 52000 26000

Bank stated that revised pension of Rs 9102 was payable but bank calculated it as Rs 9974 and thus paid an excess of Rs 872 per month  from October 2007. It is not the authority of the bank to fix the entitlement of pension and the action of the bank to reduce the pension is unauthorised and illegal.

If the bank had any doubt about the correctness of fixation of pension, it should have carried correspondence with the employer and got the clarification. An explanation in respect of proposed deduction with retrospective effect from Oct 2007 should have been called from the pensioner.

The entire action of the bank is arbitrary, unreasonable, unauthorised and  in flagrant violation of the principles of natural justice and cannot be sustained.

Instead of showing sensitivity to the problems of senior citizens , the bank has shown arrogance .

We need to direct the bank to refund the amount of Rs 326045 with interest at the rate of 18% per annum , restrain the bank to recover the balance, bank to pay costs of Rs 50000 towards expenses.  

Pension payable upon superannuation is  a  property ( Article 300 A )and it constitutes a fundamental right to livelihood (Article 21)

Article 41 of the Constitution of India in the Part IV of Directive Principles of State Policy  has created a obligation upon the state to recognise a right of public assistance in the case of old age , sickness and disablement .


Unfortunately, the time has come to tell the Bank that the aging is natural process, which leads to weakening of the body and mind. The productivity, working ability and mobility decreases or paralyzes with growing age. The traditional norms, values and culture in the Indian Society demand to treat the senior citizens with respect, dignity and  lay  stress  on  providing  security,   care   and   assistance   to  them.  It becomes a part of the human right of the senior citizens. The senior citizens are the persons who had shouldered the responsibility of building a nation in general and society or community in particular, while in service. Utilizing their experience in the life and working, the strong shoulders are created of young persons to substitute and rest the responsibility upon them, while demitting the office. The bank officials must realize that tomorrow it may be their turn, upon superannuation, to fight for the pension or post-retiral benefits. The thought process, therefore, to be adopted should be of a person in a situation like the petitioner. The respect, dignity, care, sensitivity, assistance and security would automatically follow.

We have, however, seen and can take  judicial  note of the fact  that the security of the senior citizens always remain in peril. We have seen the senior citizens anxiously waiting for credit of the pension amount in their account and standing in a queue for withdrawal. Once the amount is withdrawn personally either from the Bank or from the ATM, a serious threat starts posing to the life from the watchdogs roaming around involved in pick-pocketing and stealing. We have  actually seen the old aged persons — men and women, counting the currency with cramping hands and trying to secure the amount at some hidden place in the body. It is then after waiting in the premises  of the Bank and taking stock of the situation and the atmosphere with scared mind and the feeling of  insecurity,  the  escape  route  and  time  is  chosen to reach to their destination safely. It  is  a  high  time  for  the Banks to create a separate cell and to device a method to provide  personal service through the  men  of  confidence,  at  the  door-step  to the old aged, disabled and sick persons who are  the  senior  citizens. They have to be treated with respect and dignity. The sensitivity to the problems of the senior citizens  need to be addressed.  The  mechanism for immediate redressal of  grievance  needs  to  be  provided.  The officers having a degree or master’s degree in Social Work  or  Psychology, who can be in personal touch  with  and  genuinely understand and redress the grievances or complaints of the senior citizens, can be appointed.


In the result, this petition is allowed and the following order is passed : The action of the Bank in deducting an amount   of   Rs.11,040/-   per   month   with   effect    from October, 2019 is hereby quashed and set aside.

We direct the Bank to immediately credit an amount of Rs.3,27,045/-, recovered from the pension account of the petitioner, along with interest  at  the  rate  of  18% per annum from the date of recovery of each of the installments, till the date of credit of this amount in the pension account of the petitioner.   Bank is restrained from recovering any amount from the pension payable to the petitioner  on  the basis of the action, which we have quashed and set aside. We direct the Bank to pay the compensation of Rs.50,000/- to the petitioner and credit the said amount in the pension account  of the  petitioner  within  a  period of eight days from today, failing which the additional costs of Rs.1,000/- for each day’s delay will have to be paid.   

copy of the judgement

11 Sept 2020

Timeline for submission of life certificate has been extended .

Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare  OM  NO No.18/1/2020-P&PW(C)-6681 Dated: 11th September, 2020 On Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020. 

This year, all Central Government pensioners may submit Life Certificate from 1st November, 2020 onward, till 31st December 2020. 

However, the pensioners in the age group of 80 years and above, can submit Life Certificate from 1st October, 2020 onwards, to 31st December, 2020. 

During this extended period, the pension will be continued to be paid by the Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs) uninterrupted.


7 Sept 2020

Letter to AD CGHS

Issues of shifting of CGHS WELNESS CENTER VIJAYAWADA , strengthening of welness centers at Guntur, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Vijayawada , Posting of AD CGHS Vijayawada, filling of vacant posts , sanction of new posts to commensurate increase of beneficiaries, Opening of new welness centers etc have been brought to the notice of AD CGHS Hyderabad.  Letter sent thro mail .  Letter to AD CGHS HYDERABAD

In response to above , the following reply is received from AD CGHS today itself :  

With reference to your letter it is informed 

Tenders for Nellore and Guntur are completed. Re-Tenders done for Vizag I & II & Rajamundry for 3 time on 26.08.2020.  Rajamundry shifting is under process.  

BSNL buldg if given at a reasonable rate, Vijayawada wc can be shifted.  Matter is being negogiated by BSNL pensioners.   As regards posting of AD at AP. it is policy matter of Matter. 

Further for 06 months retired staff on contract basis are being taken till recruitment is finalised.

6 Sept 2020




Every Pensioner must submit Life Certificate once in a year. That is the rule. Now, in BSNL we have two categories of Pensioners.

1. Those who retired recently in 2019 or 2020. They are covered by SAMPANN. VRS pensioners are covered by it. CCA office is calculating their pension, IDA etc. and credit the amount in the account of pensioners, either in Post office or in Bank. All their records are with CCAs. Hence the Life Certificate should be submitted to CCA office, not Bank, not Post office.

a.            LC can be sent electronically. It is called Digital Life Certificate or DLC. Go to any Akshaya Kendra having biometric facility, take thump impression etc. and then send the DLC online to CCA office.

b.            Or, download the Form from CCA’s website. Fill it up, get attested by authorities like Gazetted officer etc. and submit it by post or by hand to CCA.

LC or DLC should be submitted before completion of 12 months of submission of it last time. If you had submitted the LC in September last year, it should be submitted before 20-9-2020. The process in CCA office starts on 20th of the month.

Those who retired in March or April or May 2019 should have submitted the LC or DLC in March or April or May this year. Due to lockdown, time is given up to 30-9-2020. It is only for this year.

2. Old pensioners who are not covered by SAMPANN. Gradually all will be covered by SAMPANN. Work is going on. CCAs will announce once the work is completed and old pensioners are taken to SAMPANN. Till then, these pensioners have to follow old system. Their pension/IDA amounts are calculated by bank or post office as the case may be. So, such pensioners should submit their LC to the particular Bank or PO. Go to the Bank or PO with your papers, fill up the Form and give it physically. It is easy. They can submit LC electronically also, under Jeevanpramaan. Go to some cybercafe or Akshaya Kendra with biometric facility and prepare the DLC and send to CPPC of the Bank or to Director, Postal Accounts of the Circle.


Senior pensioners, 80 years or above, can submit it in October or before 20th November.

Other pensioners, below the age of 80, should submit it only in November, before 20th.




... P S Ramankutty

In 2000, about 2.93 lakh staff members of DOT/DTS migrated to BSNL believing that the assurances given by Government would be honoured by the Management of the new PSE and by the Government. After two decades, most of the BSNL retirees, who gave their sweat and blood for improvement of telecommunication infrastructure in India and ensured a sustained impressive growth of telecom services since Independence, are totally frustrated and feel being cheated by the present Management of the company.

In February 2003, the BSNL introduced a Medicare System for its employees and retirees. BSNLMRS was considered to be an ideal scheme for PSE staff and pensioners in India.

But, in the matter of medical care, present Management adopts a most condemnable discriminatory attitude against the senior people who served the Nation and retired.

I understand that leaders of some organizations of serving staff have objected to paying the quarterly allowance or reimbursement of medical expenditure incurred by the pensioners, assured under the BSNLMRS. I do not have any documentary evidence to ascertain the above information. I do not think that leaders of any organization will stoop to that level forgetting elderly people in their families. Management and the serving staff

should, however, understand that there is no provision or scope for discrimination in the BSNLMRS against the retirees.

Elderly people deserve more medical care:

The elderly people have various physical, psychosocial, economic, and spiritual problems - dementia, poor vision, stroke cases, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, auditory problems, depression, bowel disorder, kidney problems, cardiac problems, cancer etc. While the functionally and cognitively fit can access usual health-care facilities provided by the government, many people need active aging programme to keep them independent. Health ministry has created geriatric centers and geriatric clinics in most of the states; however, these centers cannot handle the burden of geriatric population to address their multi-morbidity and several other age-related problems. Government must support the PSEs, nongovernmental organizations and other agencies which provide day care, home care, and palliative care so that these services become affordable to all the elderly. If BSNL cannot afford the expenditure for ensuring proper medical care to the erstwhile employees of Government worked in Department of Telecom, the Government should take over the responsibility.

Indian elderly people, BSNL retirees being no exception, face several social issues such as loneliness, elder abuse, neglect, lack of income security, and poor access to health care. These elderly need more of health promotional activities. These include nutrition, physical activity, social contact, psychological support, and activities for the brain.

1 Sept 2020

Dr Pranab Mukherjee is passed away



India grieves the passing away of Bharat Ratna Shri Pranab Mukherjee 31/08 . He has left an indelible mark on the development trajectory of our nation. A scholar par excellence, a towering statesman, he was admired across the political spectrum and by all sections of society....PM Modiji

CGHS Accommodation issue with CGM