31 Aug 2020

Consumer Price Index increased by 4 points July 2020

 All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers- AICPI(IW)for July,2020 increased by Four points and pegged at 336 points. 

27 Aug 2020

Pensioners can store Pension Payment Order in 'DigiLocker'

Facility for Central Govt Civil Pensioners to store Electronic PPO in 'Digi-Locker' .   

24 Aug 2020

Results of 2nd MV - Executives

Results of 2nd MV - Executives 

Minutes of CEC meeting on 20-08-2020

Minutes of meeting of Circle Executive Committee of AP Circle on 20-08-2020 


Circle Executive Committee of AP Circle AIBSNLPWA is held virtually thro Google Meet on 20-08-2020 on the occasion of Formation day on the call of our CHQ.  It is a first ever virtual meeting of its kind which is attended by 100 members Plus. Throughout the conference many members are trying to join but could not join due to restriction of 100 per meeting.

The meeting paid Homage to Late Com M. Madhusudhana Rao EX-CS NFTE AP and all others who lost their life during this review period. 

Com KS Koteswara Rao presided the meeting. He detailed the developments, achievements done by our association for the last 11 years in general and in AP circle in particular. He said a large number of VRS retirees have already joined as members in our association and requested all district secretaries to mobilize all for further enrolment. 

Com P Gangadhara Rao General Secretary , in his address, explained the action taken on the issues of Pension revision,  MRS issues, CGHS migration , Provisional Pension for VRS retirees,  Retention of staff quarters, Payment of Exgratia, Recovery of Income-Tax on ex-gratia, Arbitrary reduction of LPD in TN & AP.  GS appreciated the response of members of Circle to the call of donations for COVID Virus.  E-journal is regularly published in lieu of printed editions without any break. More and more VRS retirees are joining our association.     

Com PS Ramankutty CHQ President informed that we are having our association in 23 Circles and we are having 180 branches. We have achieved previous pension revision. We are struggling for next pension revision on regular basis. Legal fight is long-time affair. But we are left with no alternative. Denial of medical care is another problem. We ourselves have to struggle to move forward.  On this 12th formation day, he called upon on all of us to move forward unitedly.

Com RSN Murthy, CHQ OS Com K Naga Murthy CHQ VP also attended.

Com MRS Prakasa Rao Chief Advisor explained efforts taken by him for the empanelment of hospitals in CGHS Vijayawada.     

The meeting is attended by 12 District Secretaries (except NL) and 12 Circle Office-bearers

as CEC.  Many of our leaders and members from all the SSAs have joined the virtual meeting. All the District Secretaries attended the meeting have briefed about the issues of the members and intimated about the progress made in organisation.  7 circle office-bearers have also discussed on the issues.  CS Vara Prasad and President K S Koteswara Rao answered some of the doubts raised in the meeting.

Some of the issues raised by the speakers in the meeting are :  

Opening of at least one CGHS Wellness Centre in every district of  AP  - All

Empanelment of Hospitals under CGHS - All

Posting of sufficient support Staff in WC- CGHS

Posting of Additional Doctors in Nellore WC

Not giving cashless medical treatment in empanelled hospitals (BSNL MRS) – KNL

Commuted Value of Pension – Kothuraiah – KNL

Payment of pending medical bills under BSNL MRS - ALL

Vijaya Bank Change of Account Numbers – Vijaya Bank – Payment of Pension by CCA – Tanuku

Pending GSLI Payments – GTR

Payment of provisional pensions to VRS retirees – GTR

Reimbursement of CGHS Contribution – STR

Transfer of MRS cards to Circle – STR

78.2 % revisions – SKLM – EG 

Family Pension Cases – VZM

Misc long pending issues – VZM

CS NFTE AP Com Chandrasekhara Rao greeted the conference and assured his cooperation on the issues to be dealt with Circle Office.  Com B. Viswanadhachari  BS Eluru has recorded the minutes and speeches of the GS and President.

Just before the conclusion of the meeting, sad news of demise of father in law of Corn. Varaprasad (Dy GS and AP CS) received and due to this, CS had to leave the meeting at this point. Com KS Koteswara Rao, President concluded the meeting.  

Virtual meeting is held-on very systematically and successfully. Thanks to all leaders and participants for making the conference a – Success.  

V Vara Prasad 

Circle Secretary


23 Aug 2020




On the call from CHQ, some Circles and branches have organized video conferences (virtual meetings) on 20-8-2020 and observed the 11th anniversary of Formation Day of our Association.

Andhra Circle has done it very systematically: The system permits only 100 people to participate at a time. More than 100 leaders In AP wanted to Join it, but some could not due to restriction. Com. Gangadhara Rao and I addressed the conference from Bangalore and Trivandrum. While the conference was in session, sad news reached that father in law of Com. Varaprasad (Dy GS and AP CS) expired. Hence Com. K S Koteswara Rao, circle president conducted the meeting in the absence of Com. Varaprasad.

Tamilnadu also conducted the virtual meeting. But, as many of the participants did not mute their mikes there were some disturbances. Failure of Gmail also created some problem. Both GS and myself attended. Due to disturbances our speeches were not audible.

STR SSA unit also conducted a virtual meeting, with 100 participants. Here also some comrades could not join due to technical restriction. Com. A Sugumaran our HQ VP and Corn. Sundarakrishnan (DS) addressed it.

In Kerala, seven SSA units conducted the virtual meetings as planned. Kottayam District (10 AM), Kannur (11 AM), Malappuram (11 AM), Palakkad (12 noon), Ernakulam (2 PM) Trivandrum (3.30 PM) and Calicut (4 PM). In Calicut 100 comrades participate while many were waiting outside. Com. T P George addressed all the seven meetings. I could address only six meetings.

A meeting was held at Jaipur, Rajasthan and honoured senior members and some new members also Joined our Association on the occasion.

21-08-2020                               P S Ramankutty

20 Aug 2020

Greetings to all our members CS - AP 

19 Aug 2020

IDA order (01-07-2020)

 DPE Order in rate of IDA @ 159.9 % applicable from 01-07-2020 

Copy of the order

Formation DAY


Dear comrades,

11 years ago, at Tambaram in Tamilnadu we met in the national convention on 20th August 2009 and launched this organization at national level to protect the interest of and to fight for the rights of BSNL pensioners. It was a historic decision. It was a historic event.

We have created History.

Till then, nobody talked about BSNL pensioners. Now, no body can ignore BSNL pensioners. We have grown. We have spread all over the countr y. We have achieved pension revision. We have improved the formula. We are struggling for the next pension revision.

I need not describe other achievements. It is known to all of you. Rememebr; nothing has come to us as a grace. We struggled and got them.

Now the nation is passing through a great crisis. It is an extra ordinary situation. Everybody, including BSNL pensioners, are affected by it. And It has affected our normal functioning also. In this extra ordinary situation we must adopt extra ordi­nary methods. Many circle units have conducted virtual meetings. Some circles have planned video conferences at SSA level also on 20th August 2020 to celebrate the anniversary of our formation day.

CHQ calls upon all to use the new technology, hold the video conferences wherever possible, explain what we have done, what we are doing and what is the present situation. Please use the EJournals issued during the last two months. We must advance. We must work. We shall move forward.

 With Greetings 

P Gangadhara Rao 
General Secretary 

18 Aug 2020


Dear Comrades,
All those retired from BSNL are worried on this issue. Many are desperate. Central Govt pensioners including DoT employees who did not opt for BSNL got pension revision from 1-1-2016. We are still waiting. They are covered by CCS Pension Rules 1972. We are also covered by same Rule.

Despite several letters and several rounds of discussion, the High officers in Dept of Telecom are not prepared to listen to our grievances. It is not a new thing. In the past also, on several occasions, we have seen it. But, the political leadership (the Minister) used to intervene and take decisions and give directions to the officers accordingly. Unfortunately, the present Minister for Communications Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad is negative on this issue. We met him twice with the help of Shri. Pralhad Joshi, the minister for Parliamentary Affairs. First he assured that he would take care of it. Then, he became totally negative. He told our delegation that he is a ‘tough minister’ but he was carried away by the briefings of officers and told pension revision follows pay revision. He told our delegation that in this regard I am with my officers. This was told even on the floor of parliament. 


Pay is not paid on time to BSNL staff. Medical Bills are not settled for several months both to employees and retired employees. 4G is not where nearby. Not to talk of pay revision. 

How the Pay Revision takes place in PSUs? 
For Executives: through PRC Report. PRC Report has come. But that is not implemented in BSNL on the plea of heavy loss.   
For the non Executives:   through negotiation and bilateral agreement. Negotiation is not at all on the agenda of BSNL 
Instead of Pay Revision, the pay is delayed even beyond a month. The government has introduced a “Revival Plan” for BSNL and MTNL. No revival has taken place but about 80,000 workers are thrown out from BSNL under VRS. Attractive assurances were given to the VRS optees. That was not honoured as told in the scheme. Honourable Minister is silent. Those who remain in service of BSNL are overloaded with work, with irregular payment of salary. If another VRS is offered some more may quit. Then, the Govt. may come out with a proposal to privatize BSNL, as indicated by Mr. Anantkumar Hegde MP, through his notorious speech on 10th August. He is not the authority. But his speech is an indication. Given the policies of Govt, there is no hope of BSNL turning around as a profit earning CPSU in near future.
Our CWC debated upon this matter several times. We took a conscious unanimous decision to demand pension revision with 7th CPC formula as we were assured pension calculation on the same method applied to other central government pensioners.
We made all attempts. We met officers again and again. We met officers in Pension Department also. We met the Minister. In spite of all these efforts the issue remains unsettled. We are lagging behind by more than four years now.
Kanyakumari CWC had directed CHQ to seek legal remedy at the appropriate time. Secretariat met at Bangalore in January 2020 and took a majority decision to file a case in Bengaluru CAT taking various aspects into consideration. Two members of Secretariat had dissenting views. Hence we moved bit slowly. Other efforts continued. Many suggestions were given by some of our leaders.
We consulted other organizations in CBMPA. All of them agreed to approach the Court of Law with a single petition. All agreed to demand Pension Revision with VII CPC fitment factor. After some initial discussion with lawyer, we had more clarity on filing separate petition for BSNL and MTNL but with identical prayer. We consulted each other up to a particular point of time. Later, some of the constituents of CBMPA held discussion with the lawyer separately and also tried to rope in another organisation. It is understood that they have already finalised the petition but they have are not willing to share it with us. We came to know through our AGS that their prayer may not be specific for 7th CPC fitment factor. Even if their formal prayer is for pension revision under CCS Pension Rules 1972, we understand that during arguments they may agree for 15% fitment formula as suggested by Third PRC for pay revision of Executives in PSUs. Some other organizations (not in CBMPA) have been demanding pension revision with PRC formula, though there is no such formula. We do feel that such a demand shall be detrimental to the interest of BSNL retirees. The woes will haunt us every time a pension revision takes place in central services in future.  
WE WANT A PERMANENT SOLUTION Our consistent demand has been pension revision with CPC fitment factor. CPC fitment factor will be a permanent solution if we succeed legally. 
Two Supreme Court lawyers opined that there is merit in our demand for pension revision with CPC fitment factor. A wrong prayer before court will damage the scope of Pension revision in BSNL, not only now but permanently. 
Same Lawyer cannot file and argue two cases with different prayers. Therefore, we have decided to file a case, through another lawyer in Delhi, seeking order for Pension Revision with 7th CPC fitment factor. 
The position that prevailed in January 2020 is not there in Bengaluru CAT. Moreover some experienced, legally knowledgeable leaders of our organization suggested to file the case before Principal Bench, CAT, New Delhi. We took it in the right spirit. There is no further scope for discussion with the Government in the present scenario prevailing in the country. We have to do something immediately. 
We explored all possibilities. We waited a long. Legal fight is not easy, we know. It is time consuming, it is expensive also. But there is no alternative, when bureaucracy is negative, when the minister is negative, when there is no possibility for pay revision for some years. 
We have supplied all documents to the new lawyer in Delhi. Preparation of petition is underway and as soon as the court resumes normal working we will file the case. 

P Gangadhara Rao, GS 

17 Aug 2020

15 Aug 2020




13 Aug 2020


We filed the case before Principal Bench CAT Delhi and we got a favourable judgement on 16/12/2016.

But it was not implemented. So we filed contempt petition.

DoT filed writ appeal against CAT judgement.


Contempt proceedings were dropped but we were given the liberty to revive the petition in the event of survival of CAT order in Delhi HC.


Delhi HC dismissed the appeal on 24/1/2020 directing the respondents to implement CAT order within 8 weeks.


That time-line ended on 24/3/2020. Meanwhile we wrote to DoT to implement the judgement and our representatives in Delhi viz. Anupam kaul And R.L. Kapoor were constantly following up the matter.


Estt. Section of DoT sent the file to Pension department and it is understood that they have given green signal to implement the decision with a rider to seek the approval of Expenditure department.


So, the file was sent to DoT Accounts/Finance wing.  The file is lying there for several weeks.


The file has to go to Expenditure department and then to Legal department also.


We had to tolerate some delay because of lockdown.


In view of the inordinate delay we have revived the contempt petition before Hon PB, CAT, Delhi today by filing the petition virtually.


On behalf of our Association Shri R L Kapoor signed the petition.


P Gangadhara Rao

General Secretary



12 Aug 2020

Clarification from the DoP&PW, guidelines of DOP

"not  go back to a period earlier than a maximum of 24 months preceding the date of retirement for raising observations relating to pay fixation etc"

CHQ on LPD issue

DOT Secretary is addressed to intervene in the issue of Arbitrary Reduction of LPD by CCA TN 

CHQ on LPD issue  

Hegde's Abusive speech


The speech of one Ananthkumar Hegde abusing the BSNL staff and calling them Desh-drohis is viral in media now. News of all virus are viral. “Anathkumar’ is a name so dear to our hearts. Not this Ananthakumar. Hence I do not like to mention Ananthkumar in following lines. This new avtar is a special Desh-premi, notorious for making unwanted controversial statements. Creating controversy is an ugly game by some dirty politicians. Such people spill out filth often. This Desh-Premi was a minister of state earlier, for skill development. May be for his great skill, Shri Modiji did not give the berth again to him. Minister of Stage can utter any nonsense.

According to the information available in internet, while contesting for lok sabha elections last time, this deshpremi filed papers showing the assets of his family as about Rs 17 crores. A senior officer in BSNL cannot become crorepati like this deshpremi. Ordinary ‘Desh-Drohis’ in BSNL cannot dream of Rs. One Crore. Forget it. There are many such deshpremis in Indian politics.

Few days back a natural disaster took place in a remote village near Munnar, in Kerala. About 80 people with their houses were washed away. Outside world did not know of the incident because the BSNL network was damaged. There was no JIo in that place. There was no Airtel or Vodaphone either. Only BSNL of deshdrohis was there in remote village. BSNL was asked to restore the telecom service immediately. Most of the deshdrohis were sent out of BSNL under VRS; only few were there in service. Those few started. They could not proceed because a bridge on the way was washed away. They proceeded through the forest in a vehicle provided by forest department. That was possible to some distance. Then the deshdrohis walked all the way through the forest carrying a generator. They restored the telecom mobile network by 4 PM.

It is the latest one only. Deshdrohi BSNL workers did it in Orissa, in Chennai, in Tamilnadu, in Andhra, in Uttranchal, at Latur and in many areas affected by Tsunami in 2004. In Orissa the deshdrohis worked day and night without taking food, without even drinking water while standing in flood water up to their neck level.

Telecom system constructed in 30 years were damaged by cyclone in three hours. Deshdrohi workers reconstructed it and restored the service within three days. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, the minister for communication repeatedly appreciated it. You cannot expect if from Deshpremi Hegdes.

Deshpremi is abusing Unions. He has no skill to understand that 10-15 years ago, when the unions were much stronger, BSNL earned profit of Rs. 10000 per year. The countrywide telecom infrastructure was developed and established in India, in the remotest hamlets even, by these deshdrohis. This Deshpremi declares that more people will be sent out. Then, if another cyclone or landslide takes place who will be there to restore the telecom service? JIO? AIRTEL? VODAPHONE? Will this Deshpremi has the vertebra to stand erect and ask Ambanis to restore the communication system?

The Telecom staff unions in Karnataka should jointly react. The Workers - the Deshdrohis - will react when they get chance after three years- be it in Uthara Kannada or any other place.

I want to tell this Deshpremi that we the retired Deshdrohis of BSNL have donated Rs 104 lakhs to the Distress Relief Funds of Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister.

P Gangadhara Rao General Secretary

7 Aug 2020

Minutes of the meeting held by AD CGHS Hyderabad on 03-08-2020

Minutes of the meeting held with serving/Pensioners Associations & empanelled hospitals on 03-08-2020 held by The Additional Director CGHS Begumpet Hyderabad. CS Telangana  Circle has attended. 


6 Aug 2020

1 Aug 2020


డియర్ కామ్రేడ్సు

మన జనరల్ శెక్రటరి కామ్రేడ్ గంగాధర రావు గారి పిలుపు మేరకు కోవిడ్ 19 విరాళాలు మన రాష్ట్రము నుండి 1058 మంది సభ్యులు రూ 13,68,702 లను పి.ఎమ్ కేర్సు / సి.ఎమ్ సహాయ నిధులకు పంపించారు. ఆ  సభ్యులకు, ప్రోత్సహించిన జిల్లా/సర్కిల్ నాయకులకు సర్కిల్ అసోసియేషన్ తరఫున ధన్యవాదములు తెలియచేస్తున్నాము.

మన సర్కిల్ లో గుంటూరు, విజయనగరం ,పశ్చిమ గోదావరి  జిల్లాలు వరుసగా ఎక్కువ మొత్తంలో విరాళాలు పంపిన మొదటి మూడు స్థానాలలో  వున్నాయి. ఈ జిల్లాల కార్యదర్శు లకు ప్రత్యేక ధన్యవాదాలు.

ఒక కోటి నాలుగు లక్షల  రూపాయలను  పి.ఎమ్ కేర్సు / ఆయా రాష్ట్రాల సి.ఎమ్ సహాయ నిధులకు పంపించినటువంటి బృహత్ కార్యక్రమాన్ని యిచ్చి,  విజయవంతంగా నిర్వహించిన కేంద్ర నాయకత్వానికి  మన సర్కిల్ అసోసియేషన్ తరుపున ధన్యవాదములు తెలియచేస్తున్నాము.  తమిళనాడు ,కర్నాటక ,కేరళ రాష్ట్రముల తరువాత మన రాష్ట్రము నుండి ఎక్కువ మొత్తం పంపండం జరిగింది.

మన సర్కిల్ నుండి పదివేలు అంతకుమించి పంపిన వారు :

శ్రీ వై.అనంతం   (విశాఖ)                        ₹ 103001

శ్రీ ఎ.నాగేంద్రరావు (పశ్చిమ గోదావరి)       ₹ 30000

శ్రీ ఎమ్.మల్లిఖార్జునరావు (విశాఖ)           ₹ 20001

శ్రీ ఎమ్.చిన్నారావు  (పశ్చిమ గోదావరి)   ₹ 10116

శ్రీ ఎ.సి.కె.నాయుడు (నెల్లూరు)                ₹ 10000

శ్రీ గోరంట్ల రమణ (కర్నూలు)                   ₹ 10000

శ్రీ పి.రంగరాజు  (పశ్చిమ గోదావరి)            ₹ 10000

రక రకాల ప్రతికూల పరిస్తితులున్నప్పటికీ వాటన్నింటినీ అధిగమించి  కరోనా మహమ్మారి విపత్తు నివారణ (కేంద్ర, రాష్టాల) సహాయనిధికి మన వంతు సహాయం అందించిన సభ్యులందరికీ హృదయపూర్వక కృతజ్ణతలు. మనకు సంబంధించిన సమస్యల పట్లే కాకుండా సామాజిక బాధ్యతల పట్ల కూడా  మన అసోసియేషన్ కేంద్ర సంఘం నాయకత్వంలో మన సభ్యులు ఎల్లప్పుడూ ముందుంటారని మరొకసారి రుజువు చేసిన వారందరకీ కృతజ్ణతాభినందనలు.

వి.వర ప్రసాద్  సి.ఎస్

Reimbursement of medical claims to pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas -DOT

Medical Facility to pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas -DOT

No: 4-35(01)12019-PAT
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications

20, Ashoka Road, 1120, Sanchar Bhawan
New Delhi-110001
Dated: 28/07/2020


Subject -: Reimbursement of medical claims to pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas-reg.

This refers to medical claims being received from pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas. In this respect, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s (MoH&FW) OM No. S. 14025/23/2013- MS.EHSS dated 29.09.2016 may be referred (copy enclosed). As per this OM, the pensioners residing in non-CGHS have following options to avail medical facilities:

(a) They can avail Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) @ Rs. 500/- per month or as revised from time to time. At present, vide OM 4/34/2017/P&PW(D) dated 19.07.2017, FMA is @ Rs. 1000/- per month.

(b) They can also avail benefits of CGHS (OPD & IPD) by registering themselves in the nearest CGHS city after making the required subscription.

(c) They also have the option to avail FMA for OPD treatment, and CGHS for IPD treatment after making the required subscriptions as per CGHS guidelines.

2. In addition, in accordance to MoH&FW’s OM No. S.11011/11/2016 CGHS (P)/EHS dated 09.01.2017 (copy enclosed), pensioners have option to avail CGHS facilities by making contribution on an annual basis (1 year/ 12 months) or by making contribution for 10 (ten) years (120 months) for getting a pensioner CGHS card with life-time validity.

3. The undersigned is directed to request all the Pr. CCA/CCAS and others concerned offices that the pensioners of this Department residing in non-CGHS areas may be intimated/sensitized (more than once) by an appropriate means about the above options for medical facilities available to them as per MoH&FW OM dated 29.09.2016 and OM No. S.11011/11/2016 CGHS (P)/EHS dated 09.01.2017. They may be advised that for availing reimbursement of their medical bills, they have to mandatorily register themselves with the nearest CGHS facility as per one of the options above. They may also be advised that if they fail to register themselves w.e.f. applicable date with the nearest CGHS facility for availing OPD/IPD treatment, their further medical bills may not be reimbursed by this Department.

4. Compliance report in respect of the above may be furnished to this office for appraisal of Secretary, DoT.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(S.C. Karol)
Director (Estt.)
Phone. 23036500

Final Summary of Donations made to Covid-19 in AP Circle as on 31-07-2020







East Godavari






























West Godavari



Grand Total