31 Jan 2021

New Branch at Podili of Ongole District

Welcome to New Branch at PODILI of Ongole District : 
New branch is formed at PODILI in a meeting held on 31-01-2021 presided by Com   K Anjaiah ( District Chief  Advisor ) with BSNL /DOT retirees from Kanigiri, Podili & Darsi. 
Com P CH Nayab Rasool , Com S B Mahaboob Basha , Com P Narayana , Com S Tirupathi Reddy  are elected as President, Secretary ,Treasurer & Co-ordinator respectively. The meeting is addressed by Com R Nageswara Rao District Secretary and Com N Venkata Rao District OS. About 15 members attended.  

New Branch at Markapur (Ongole District)

Welcome to AIBSNL PWA  Markapur  Area New  Branch : 
New branch is formed at Markapur in a meeting held on 31-01-2021 presided by Com   K Anjaiah ( AI BSNL PWA Ongole  Chief  Advisor ) with BSNL retirees from Markapur ,  Cumbum &  Giddalur  . 
Com M Krishna Rao , Com Abdul Saleem , Com K Vijayabhaskar are elected as President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively. The meeting is addressed by Com R Nageswara Rao District Secretary and Com N Venkata Rao District OS. About 40 members attended.  

29 Jan 2021

Consumer Price Index decreases by 1.1 points in December 2020

Index Numbers     

Index Number

Base Year

All India General Index

November 2020

December 2020

Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - CPI(IW)









Latest information  from Com R L Kapoor. Legal committee member , DELHI.

Regarding Pension Anomaly case, after the Delhi high court judgement, DoT moved the file to Pension Department for its approval.
Pension Department took a positive decision but put the rider to seek the approval from Expenditure Department.

Expenditure Department wanted to know whether there is any ground for appeal.

Accordingly the file was sent to Department of Law and Justice.

Now that department has given its opinion that it is a weak case for appeal.

So, all the hurdles are over. It is presumed that the opinion of Law and Justice department will be sent to DoE.

After its clearance DoT will have to issue the order. Let us hope to get the final order by next month.

P Gangadgara Rao, GS

MRS Pending bills

Letter addressed to DGM (F) Circle office regarding  - Processing of medical claims of BSNL pensioners especially who opted for outdoor for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21 – with a request to give necessary instructions to SSAs
Letter to DGMF 

28 Jan 2021


Disposing our Contempt of Court petition, the CAT Principal Bench on 18-11.2020 directed all to implement its original order within three months, i. e. before 18th February 2021.  As advised by our Lawyer we forwarded the Court Order to all respondents. Now, Dept of Expenditure has forwarded our letter to DoT for appropriate action and to inform the Petitioner accordingly. The DoE letter to the U/S of DoT is given hereunder:                                            
P Gangadhara Rao, GS. 

25 Jan 2021



23 Jan 2021

Withdrawal of circulars - on Recovery of excess pension made to pensioners

It has been decided that the circulars issued by Department of Government and Bank Accounts, Reserve Bank of India related to recovery of excess pension paid by agency banks stands withdrawn with effect from the date of this circular -
Agency banks have to seek guidance from respective Pension Sanctioning Authorities regarding the process to be followed for recovery of excess pension paid to the pensioners, if any.
Agency banks are again advised that, where excess pension payment has arisen on account of mistakes committed by the bank, the amount paid in excess should be refunded to the Government in lumpsum immediately after detection of the same and without waiting for recovery of any amount from the pensioners.


14 Jan 2021

Payment of final instalment of Ex-Gratia in respect of retirees of BSNL VRS­2019

Payment of final instalment of Ex-Gratia in respect of retirees of BSNL VRS­2019 - instructions thereof. 
Sanction of fund for the payment of final instalment of Ex-Gratia is being released by DOT shortly. BSNL Corporate office directed all circles to initiate the process for release of final instalment of Ex-Gratia in ERP I SAP and to complete the process by 14-01-2021. Fund request to be sent to Corporate office by 15-01-2021.BSNL CO Letter

13 Jan 2021



11 Jan 2021

Pension Adalat 07-01-2021

Nation Wide Pension Adalat is held on 07-01-2021 at 11.00 through  video conference conducted by CCA AP.  Dy CCA, ACCA, AO, AAO have explained the status of grievances submitted in the Adalat.     16 items have been discussed. Majority of the items have been settled. Com K S Koteswara Rao, Com V Vara Prasad have participated in the online adalat. The following issues have been brought to the notice of CCA for necessary action . The previous 2 adalats were held on 18-11-2020 (Quarterly)  and 24-11-2020 (Nation wide)  

  • Bank account No in PPO issued thro SAMPANN is not available. This may be made available. 
  • Hard Copy of Sanction letter on settlement of Commutation Amount may be issued. 
  • Settlement of pensionary benefits to retirees on Superannuation may be completed very early.  
  • Mapping letters to CGHS optees may be issued without delay. 

CCA has responded positively and hinted that the issue of PPO to retirees on superannuation and issue of mapping letters is being monitored and necessary arrangement is being done according to work load to ensure the settlement promptly. He also clarified that the issue of bank account & commutation letters needs modifications in SAMPANN and these issues will be addressed to DOT HQ. 

6 Jan 2021

letter to GM F on Pending medical bills

Corporate office asked for break up of pending dues of hospital vendors and retirees in Annexures (01-04-2019 to 30-09-2019,  01-10-2019 to 31-03-2020 & 01-04-2020 to 30-09-2020  by 06-01-2021. In this connection we have requested GM F AP Circle to give instructions to SSAs to enter all dues in the system and to project all dues to retirees from 2018-19 onwards. 

Letter to GMF

1 Jan 2021