29 Dec 2019

Rajahmundry Branch Conference

Branch Conference of Rajahmundry is held on 28-12-2019. Circle President Com K.S.Koteswara Rao, Circle Secretary Com V.Vara Prasad, CHQ O.S Com R.S.N.Murthy, Circle  ACS Com K. Venkateswarlu , Dist President Com Basha, Dist Secretary Com K.Bhaskara Rao have addressed. Com N.Venkata Rao , Com K.Sanyasi Rao, Com R Jaya Kumar are re-elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. 46 Members who have attained 75 years of age are felicitated. Branch Membership has crossed the milestone of 500 mark. 

23 Dec 2019

Pensioners Day _ Hindupur

Pensioners Day on 23-12-2019 at Hindupur 

18 Dec 2019


Next meeting of CWC of AIBSNLPWA will be held on 15-16, March 2020 at Gorakhpur, UP.Formal notice has been posted to all CWC members. Same is posted in CWC Group, Whatsapp also. Venue and accommodation for CWC members are arranged at Chitra Gupta Mandir, Near Government Jubilee Inter College, Buxipur Road, Gorakhpur. It is 2 KMs away from Gorakhpur Jn Railway Station and 10 KMs away from the new Gorakhpur Airport. The accommodation will be available from 14 to 17.Visitors and Observers , if any, have to make their own arrangements.All CWC members are requested to reserve their tickets, to and fro, well in time.
P Gangadhara Rao,General Secretary.

17 Dec 2019

Pensioners Day in Andhra


Pensioner Day at Aaservaad Trust Gollapudi Vijayawada Served mid day meal to the inhabitants 

Pensioner Day at Premdan Gunadala Vijayawada  Distributed daily needs to the inhabitants

Distributed fruits & bread at
Sri Swamy Jnananda Vanaprasthasramam ,Bhimavaram
Distributed fruits to mentally disabled pupil at ELURU
Served Food to patients at Govt Hospital TANUKU
(Release of Pensioners Directory & Felicitations)
Sri K Naveen Kumar, GM Guntur , Miss Rose Mary ACCA O/o CCA Vijayawada also attended & addressed.

14 Dec 2019

Pension Adalat - 13-12-2019

Quarterly pension Adalat was conducted by Sri K Vinod Kumar CCA AP at GM office conference hall Tirupati ON 13-12-2019. From CCA office Asst CCA Miss V Rose Mary, AAO Krupamai and staff members of CCA office attended. From our Assn side Coms K S Koteswara Rao, K Balakoteswarao DS Guntur, Peeran DS Nellore, Sounder Rajan DS Tirupati, Rajgopal Treasurer TRP, Suryanarayana Murthy Tanuku BP and some members of our Assn participated. At the beginning of the proceedings Sri Vinod Kumar informed that the CCA office is going to meet the great challenge of settling about 5100 VRS cases by the end of January 2020. Keeping the heavy work load in view, it was informed that all the cases received to the Adalat could not be settled. Out of 30 cases submitted by our Assn about 8 cases were settled, 14 cases are under process, 6 cases were declared as settled already. 
After Adalat a get together was arranged with local officers in which a Demo was given by Asst CCA Miss Rose Mary on SAMPANN and explained how to fill up the details of the retiring employees in the soft ware. We also participated in the discussions. 
At the end CCA appealed to apply for Consultants and volunteers to work in CCA office to meet the target work of VRS retirees. 

12 Dec 2019


On 9-12-2019, a delegation consisting of Com. DG, Com. Vittoban, Com. Changappa and seven comrades of Hubli had a discussion with MoC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on our demand for pension revision. It was arranged by Shri Pralhad Joshi, minister for parliamentary affairs in his chamber itself in Parliament House.
Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad seems to be influenced/misinformed by the DoT officers who are totally negative to pensioners. Minister is too much worried about BSNL. He asks us to wait till BSNL earns some profit!! We told him that there is no link between our pension and BSNL profit. But he is not prepared to listen further. He is a minister. He is a lawyer. He does not reject our demand. Nor he concedes it also.
In our last CWC meeting at Kanyakumari in February 2019 we discussed the matter and decided to resort to legal remedy if all other attempts to get a decision from government fail. It is the last resort. We are aware of the pitfalls of court case. Case is not for asking revision order. Case can be against injustice. DOP&PW has already issued orders for pension revision of all those who are covered by CCS Pension Rule 1972. We are denied the benefits of that order even though we are also covered by the said rule. It is discrimination, naked injustice. There is cause of action for the Court to intervene.
Court Case means delay. We have to explore all other possibilities again and again. We should take legal opinion from two or more lawyers. We shall meet advocates at different stations and then finally take a decision at Gorakhpur CWC in March 2020. We shall continue our efforts. We will fight for justice. When Govt does not do justice, judiciary is the only shelter for common man. 
(From : CHQ website )

29 Nov 2019


All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers for October, 2019 increased by THREE points and stood at 325.  

26 Nov 2019


With Deep regret we report the demise of Com V A Harsulkar Former General Secretary of T3 Union at Delhi today. He was 94. AIBSNLPWA pays its respects .

22 Nov 2019

Pension Adalat on 13-12-2019

AP టెలికాం సర్కిల్ యొక్క పింఛనుదారుల 19వ పెన్షన్ అదాలత్ ది.13-12-2019 న తిరుపతిలో జరుగును.

DOT/BSNL పింఛనుదారులు వారి యొక్కవ్యక్తిగత విజ్ఞప్తులను ' అకౌంట్స్ ఆఫీసర్ (పెన్షన్) ', O/o CCA,  AP సర్కిల్, విజయవాడ-520001' కు 28-11-2019 లోపు పంపవలెను. 

తమ విజ్ఞప్తులలో పింఛనుదారులు వారి పి.పి.ఓ.నెంబరు, వారి పదవీ విరమణ తేదీ, యూనిట్ మరియు మొబైల్ నెంబర్ పేర్కొన వలయును. 

విజ్ఞప్తులపై భాగాన మరియు వాటిని పంపు కవరు మీద తప్పనిసరిగా ' పెన్షన్ అదాలత్ ' అని వ్రాయవలెను.

15 Nov 2019

CGHS - Suggestions

Suggestions submitted to Under Secretary (EHS) New Delhi on revamping of CGHS


CG Welfare Coordination Committee Meeting

The CGE Welfare Coordination Committee meeting is held under the Chairmanship of Sri M Bhupal Reddy IRS , Pr.Commissioner of Income Tax Vijayawada in their office on 14-11-2019. Sri Koteswara Rao CMO CGHS Vijayawada has attended and explained about CGHS for employees and pensioners. It is decided to address Director CGHS New Delhi on the issues of implementation and requirements for development of CGHS facilities at Vijayawada. CS AP has attended and requested for prompt action to issue Cards to BSNL retirees/Optees.

11 Nov 2019


Circle Executive Committee meeting at Kurnool on 10-11-2019 is held under the Presidentship of Com K.S.Koteswara Rao. Com K Muthiyalu Dy GS attended and spoke on all the issues at length.
Com Guru Swamy Treasurer Kurnool District & cine Actor (acted in film ' Maharshi' ) is felicitated in the meeting. 

Meeting has decided to make full efforts to bring more prospective retirees as our members (out of VRS optees retiring on 31-01-2020 ) explining our past achievements during past one decade and also explaining our on-going efforts for achievement of much awaited pension revision for BSNL pensioners and well as to those who are retiring after 01-01-2017 as per formula proposed by our association duly delinking pay revision with pension revision.  



Our members from almost all circles responded positively to CHQ call and donated liberally. We could collect Rs. 37.94 lakhs from Circles. To make it Rs 40 lakhs, CHQ added a sum of Rs 2.05 lakh. 
Com. P S Ramankutty, in his introductory speech mentioned briefly the welfare activities of AIBSNLPWA. Then he, along with other leaders, made over the Cheque for Rs 40 lakhs to the honourable minister.
Shri Pralhad Joshiji very much appreciated the efforts made by the Association. He commented that “ This shows that you are retired but not tired. While in service people may donate when the Boss donates. After retirement there is no such obligation. Even then you, the pensioners, have donated very good amount of Rs 40 lakhs. It is great efforts….”
After the function we had a brief discussion with Joshiji on our pension revision. He read our memorandum carefully, asked some specific clarifications trying to understand the issue. We clarified the points to his satisfaction .
Finally he assured us help to settle the matter and asked us to come to Delhi in first week of December 2019.
Cheque being handed over
Minister Sh. Joshiji speaks.
A view of audience
Com. DG speaks
Shri Pralhad Joshiji reads our memorandum on pension revision

9 Nov 2019


Krishna district General Body meeting on 9-11-2019.
Com.K S Koteswararao Circle President, Com.MRS Prakasarao Circle Advisor addressed the meeting.
Com. Ranganadh Incometax pensioners association joint secretary attended as guest and explained about CGHS wellness center at vijayawada and steps to be taken to develop the wellness center.