28 Sept 2018

135.6% IDA FROM OCTOBER 2018

All India Consumer Price for Industrial Workers (AICPI) for August , 2018 is 301 points. It was 291 in June & 301 in July 2018. 

IDA Increase of 7.6% from 128% to 135.6%.

27 Sept 2018

AIC images

AIC September 22-09-2018 & 23-09-2018 - Images : Images

Puri AIC News & Decisions

ODISHA, a small circle in size, but high in spirit, hosted our big All India Conference at a small place, Puri.
Ø Red Alert warning about a cyclone on coastal Odisha gave added burden to the hosts. With that fear and apprehension only we started the conference.But, the cyclone simply crossed over Odisha and got weakened. here were some showers and strong wind on 20,September.
Ø 1228 Delegates from 22 circles registered and participated in the conference. In addition, about 450 comrades from Odisha branches also attended the AIC.
Ø The conference adopted the Report and accounts unanimously. 49 delegates and some of the Central office-bearers  participated in the debate.
The delegates from every circle expressed serious concern over non-allotment of funds by BSNL for paying medical allowance and reimbursement under BSNLMRS, practically negating the order for restoration of allowance for pensioners.
All the delegates who participated in the Debate approved and supported the right demand for Pension Revision with fitment factor suggested by seventh CPC. 
AIC decided to organize mass hunger strike for one day in October/November 2018, at all SSA headquarters demanding Pension Revision with CPC fitment factor.
AIC decided to hold a national convention in New Delhi to draw attention of authorities on our major demand for pension revision with CPC fitment factor. We will approach other Pensioners’ organizations who agree with our demand.
CHQ will announce the date and venue of the Convention in consultation with other organizations.
Our members from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East and UP West Circles should participate in the Delhi convention in largest number. Other Circles may send representatives.
Cost for the participation will be borne by concerned SSA/Circle Units.
CHQ will issue detailed instructions after finalizing the date, venue etc.
CWC considered all proposals but recommended only two amendments.AIC approved those amendments about Branches and Quota thereon. After the amendments the position shall be as; 
(i) Name of our association remains same as AIBSNLPWA. There is no change for the time being.
(ii) The District units are free to form branches below SSA Units for better and effective functioning.
(iii) If branches are formed as above, the SSA Unit shall decide jurisdiction of such branches, as already provided in the constitution.
(iv) District conference of such SSA Unit, having branches, shall comprise of delegates elected by the branches at the ratio of One Delegate for every Ten members or part thereof. 
[for example: for 5-14 members one delegate to District conference, for 15-24 members 2 Delegates, for25-34 members 3 Delegates, for 35-44 members 4 Delegates, so on so forth.]
(v) The branch shall remit quota as
      20% to CHQ  ;; 20% to Circle ;; 20% to District and retain remaining 40%.
(vi) If there is no branch under a SSA Unit, the Quota will be as 20% to CHQ, 20% to Circle and 60% will be retained by the SSA Unit.
(vii) For AIC and Circle Conference, the SSA Unit shall remain as the Base unit, as now. 
                                                                                                                        (From CHQ website)

25 Sept 2018

AIC in brief :

Nearly 1200 delegates/ visitors attended.
From AP 115 delegates and 25 Visitors from all the 13  SSAs  participated. 
Com MRS Circle President , Com Vara Prasad C S, Com K V Subrahmanyam DS Krishna have spoken in delegate Session.

Further program of Agitation  demanding  Pension Revision as per 7th CPC fitment formula on IDA scale delinking with BSNL pay revision w.e.f 01-01-2017 is finalised.

  1. National Convention at Delhi with an estimated participation of 1500 members with an Invitation to all Associations of BSNL/MTNL pensioners.
  2. One day Fast at Delhi & all SSA / Circle head quarters from 09 AM  to 05 PM. 
Both these programs are to be held during Nov/Dec 2018.

Elections are Unanimous.
Newly elected Office Bearers.
Com P  S Raman Kutty President
Com D Gopal Krishnan Vice President.
Com Gangadhara Rao General Secretary
Com T S Vittoban Treasurer.
 From AP Circle :
Com K Naga Murty (ATP) Vice President
Com RSN Murty (RMY) Organising Secretary
Com V Vara Prasad CS- AP as Dy GS -2 .

I thank all the DSs, Delegates, Visitors for their excellent support & participation. Stay and food arrangements are good. The Conference has been successful.

OUR GENERAL SECRETARY ----- A story of Steady Rise

Com. P.Gangadhara Rao joined the Telecom Department as TECHNICIAN in  1970  in Bangalore Telecom District. He became PHONE INSPECTOR in 1973, JUNIOR ENGINEER in 1976, ASSISTANT ENGINEER in 1992 and finally retired as DIVISIONAL ENGINEER on 31-03-2008. He was active in NFPTE while working as TECHNICIAN and in FNPTO while working as PHONE INSPECTOR.
He was the CIRCLE SECRETARY of JETA , TESA  &  BSNLEA;   founder CIRCLE PRESIDENT of SNEA before retirement. In AIBSNLPWA , he was elected as AGS in Formation Conference  in  2009  and continued till 2015. In Bangalore  AIC he was elected as Dy. GENERAL SECRETARY. Now at Puri he is elected as our GS.
                                                                          ..... PSR 

19 Sept 2018

Custody of Service Books

DOT's letter to CCAs to coordinate with BSNL to collect the service books of IDA/CDA Pensioners as soon as Possible on top priority. See for Letter

19th September 1968 strike

19th September 1968 strike is written in red letters in the history of Indian Working Class. 
The demand raised by the Central Government employees – Need Based Minimum Wage – was the demand of entire working people of India. Even today, the Central Government employees and other section of the working class are on struggle path for realisation of the Need Based Minimum Wage.

There are pages and pages to be written on the sacrifices of the workers in connection with the strike.  The strike was historic in more than one sense. The same government which refused to accept the demands were compelled to implement some of them afterwards.  No struggle goes in vain. The long term impact of a struggle for a genuine cause should be understood properly. The benefits of past struggles often accrues to the present/future generation.  Struggles are inevitable to establish more and more equitable peaceful society.

Let us salute the martyrs of past struggles.
Let us remember with gratitude all those who suffered immensely in the past struggles.
Let us carry forward the proud legacy left behind them to make the life of future generations brighter.
Let us resolve to make future struggles massive success.

( From V V S Murthy , AGS) 

18 Sept 2018

Pension Adalat of AP CCA -18-09-2018

Pension Adalat of AP CCA is held on 18-09-2018 at National Informatics Center, R & B Building, Labbipet, MG Road , Vijayawada.

The Adalat is presided by Sri Srikanth Panda Pr CCA. Smt Anitha , CCA, Sri CM Sampar, Jt CCA have also attended.

Adalat proceedings are conducted by Sri R Surendar Dy CCA, Sri K Subba Rao Sr AO (Pension), Sri P Malyadri ACCA (Vijayawada) supported by AOs and other Staff of CCA offices of Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

Representatives from SBI, Union Bank of India, Syndicate Bank , AO O/o CGMT AP have also attended. 

From our Association, Circle President, Circle Secretary, District Secretaries of Krishna, Guntur, West Godavari, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam have participated.

Our  members who have submitted their grievances for Adalat from Districts of Anantapur, Ongole, Guntur, Krishna, West Godavari, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam have also attended and interacted with Officers and Staff of CCA for settlement of their problems.

Pr CCA stated that 90 cases are received for this Adalat and 61 cases have been settled. In 11 cases, Pensioners are required to submit the required documents thro SSA. Letter of approval/Sanctions , revised PPOs etc which are settled have been handed over to the concerned Pensioners in attendance. Some of them are taken by our DSs to make over to those members who have not attended.

The cheque for Rs 4,75,000 towards DCRG amount has been given by Pr CCA to Sk Meerabeebi BMV to the satisfaction of our member as a result of our continued efforts.

Cases like Issue of PPO/Duplicate PPOs , Increment case under OTBP, Payment of LTAs, Increment under Grade III BCR Promotion, 78.2 % arrears have been settled. Some of the Family pension Cases are likely to be settled in a week or so as promised in the meeting.

We have requested for the extension of last date for submission of grievances for the next adalat to be held at Visakhapatnam and Jt CCA responded positively and assured that all the pending cases of this Adalat  will be carried over to next Adalat if not settled by that time for any reason. 



Official Side

14 Sept 2018

Kerala Flood Relief Fund

Tirupati District AIBSNLPWA has,today, contributed  10,000 towards Kerala Relief Fund and the total of our Contributions to Kerala Flood Relief Fund by our members of A P Circle has gone upto   406800 as on 14-09-2018. Thank you one and all for the great support.                                                                            

9 Sept 2018

17" Quarterly Pension Adalat

Ministry of Commmunications
DEPARTMENT OF TELECOM MUNICATIONS Office of the Pr.Controller of Communication Accounts, Telephone Exchange Compound, Kavadiguda, Bholakpur, Hyderahad-500080 Fhone: 040-27541445; www.cea ap.nic.in
Govt. of india
Dated: 27th, August, 2018
17" Quarterly Pension Adalat will be held on 15-11-2018 (Thursday)
Department of Telecommunications, 17 Quarterly Pension Adalat for Andhra Pradesh State will be held on 15-11-2018 (Thursday) from 1030 hrs. to 1300 hrs. in the Office of the General Manager, BSNL, Visakhapatnam. DoT & BSNL pensioners, may submit their grievances pertaining to Visakhapatnam, Krishna, Guntur SSA’s to ACCA (Pension), O/o CCA, A.P. Circle (Attached Office), Department of Telecommunications, First Floor, CTX Building, Beside Kaleswara Rao Market, Vijayawada — 520001 and remaining SSA’s pensioners may submit their grievances to Dy. CCA (Pension), O/o Pr.CCA, A.P, Circle, Department of Telecommunications, Kavadiguda Telephone Exchange Compound, Hyderabad - 500080 by 5 p.m. of 17-09-2018 (Monday). Grievances received thereafter will not be placed before the Adalat.
Dy. CCA (Pension) % Pr.CCA, AP Circle,Hyderabad

7 Sept 2018


The Contributions to Kerala Flood Relief Fund by our members of A P Circle has reached 396800 as on 06-09-2018 and the entire amount has been remitted by the District Branches to Bank Account of Kerala Circle AIBSNLPWA. Kerala Circle  has already handed over a Cheque in favour of Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) for   7,00,000 as a First Instalment to Finance Minister of Kerala.
District Wise Contributions:
West Godavari            :  190000
Krishna                       :  121800
Guntur                        :    20000
Ongole                        :    20000
Vizianagaram              :    15000
Visakhapatnam            :    10000
East Godavari               :    10000
Direct contributions     :    10000
Thus our pensioner members have responded overwhelmingly to the appeal of CHQ and have generously contributed. 
Thank you for your generous support towards the ‘Kerala CM’s Distress Relief Fund’                                                                            AP Circle - AIBSNLPWA