23 Feb 2018

DOT withdraws its letter dated 21-02-2018

On 21-2-2018 the DOT sent a letter to CMD of BSNL rejecting the demands for Pay Revision and pension Revision.
Today, on 23-2-2018, the DoT has withdrawn that letter. Good.
The Minister for Communications will meet leaders of BSNL staff Unions tomorrow, 24-2-2018.
We congratulate the Staff Unions. United action has compelled the government to come down.
We hope that the Staff Union leaders will tell the honourable Minister that pension revision of BSNL retirees is the sole responsibility of the Government of India and it should not be linked with affordability of BSNL Company. We wish them success.
Such a strong stand by staff unions will help the elders. 
(From CHQ website)