8 Feb 2021

Family Pensioners eligible for migration from BSNL MRS to CGHS



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Dated: 05.02.2021


Sub:- Order of First appellate authority(FAA) against information sought vide RTI appeal no. I3SNLD/A/E/21/00023 datec1:08/01/2021 under RTI act-2005 --case of Sh. S. Narasimhan.


1.    RTI request with registration no. BSNLD/R/E/20/01612 dated:10.12.20

2.    Reply submitted by CPIO,admin cell vide letter No. BSNLCO-ADMN/12/1/2021- ADMN Dated: 07 Jan 2021

3.    RTI first appeal with regn. no. BSNLD/A/E/21/00023 dated:08.01.2021

In reference to above referred RTI request dated 10.12.2020, reply submitted by CPIO BSNL vide letter under reference- 02 above were examined and following are the observations.

Poi nt



Sought vide RTI request

Representation vide First appeal

Comments of First Appellate authority


Whether BSNL family pensioners are eligible for migrating from BSNLMRS medical facility to CGHS card facility

I wanted clarification from BSNL CO "whether BSNL family pensioners are eligible to migrate from BSNLMRS facility to CGHS medical facility". There is no clear reply to my RTI question whether BSNL family pensioners are eligible to migrate from

BSNLMRS facility to CGHS medical facility now. BSNL has quoted Aug-20, 2010

clarifications order which explains about BSNLMRS facility alone.I want a clear reply from you whether BSNL family

pensioner are allowed for migration from BSNLMRS facility to CGHS medical facility now.


BSNLMRS                           guidelines

regarding eligibility of family pensioners for BSNLMRS facility is already provided by CPIO vide RTI reply dated: 07.01.2021.

Further, Entitlement of BSNL family pensioners is decided by CGHS authority, there is no restriction in BSNLMRS policy for opting CGHS by        BSNL family pensioners.

If you are not satisfied with the orders of First Appellate Authority / Information provided to you by the PIO after passing the order by FAA, you may appeal to the Central Information Commission, Second Appellate Authority on following Address:

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Central Inforamtion Commission
CIC Bhawan, Baba Qangnath Merg,
Munirka,New Delhi.


[ A. M Gupta 

Sr. OM(Admin)/ First Appellate Authority

BSNL Reply on RTI