11 May 2021

Mail to Minister

All Circle Secretaries,
District Secretaries,
Admins of whatsapp Groups
Dear Comrades,
It is time for us to act immediately against discrimination.  Please repeat the attached message in all the groups.  Call upon all participants to send emails to the Minister. Some comrades may not know how to do it.  Others can help them. 
We thought of organizing a postcard campaign to the Prime Minister. But in the present situation nobody can go out to purchase cards.  Sitting at home we can send emails. Thousands of emails should go to the Minister.  Honourable minister should feel the concern of pensioners. Please do it before 18th of this month.
Email ID of the Communication Minister is mosc-office@gov.in
At the bottom, add your name and address.
P Gangadhara Rao, GS